Signum Regis - Exodus

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Signum Regis - Exodus

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Track listing:
01 - On The Nile
02 - Enslaved
03 - The Promised Land
04 - Let Us Go!
05 - Wrath Of Pharaoh
06 - The Ten Plagues
07 - Last Days In Egypt
08 - Exodus
09 - Song Of Deliverance
10 - Sole Survivor
11 – Mountain of God [CD bonus track]

"Exodus" feat. guest vocals by Lance King [ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power], Michael Vescera [Obsession, Animetal USA], Matt Smith [Theocracy], Daísa Munhoz [Vandroya, Soulspell], Eli Prinsen [Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed], Samuel Nyman [Manimal], Thomas L.Winkler [Gloryhammer, Emerald], Göran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum] and Mayo Petranin.

The album was mastered by Tommy Hansen [Helloween, Jorn, Circus Maximus] and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire].

"Exodus" is a historical concept album about the Israelites who were enslaved in ancient Egypt.

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