InnerWish - Silent Faces [2LP edition]

Image of InnerWish - Silent Faces [2LP edition]


InnerWish - Silent Faces [2LP edition]

Vinyl edition of the second InnerWish album "Silent Faces". The album is remastered by Peter In de Betou and the insert includes liner notes by Thimios Krikos.
The edition is limited to 300 copies.

Release date: November 23rd
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"Silent Faces" 2LP track listing

Side A
01. Dancer of the Storm
02. Hold Me Tight
03. If I Could Turn Back Time

Side B
01. Midnight Call
02. Hold On
03. Silent Faces

Side C
01. Dreadful Signs
02. Set Me Free

Side D
01. Riding on the Wind
02. Realms of Tomorrow